Women work to promote confidence

Published 10:48 am Thursday, May 14, 2015

A symposium designed to embrace the many aspects of women will take place in Brookhaven this weekend. 

“I wanted to create something that was different than the annual women’s conferences that usually happen in the area and state, especially when it comes through the church,” co-coordinator Jackee Laird said.

The event, taking place Saturday at 10 a.m., is happening at Saint Paul MB Church and Family Life Center located on 508 North Second St.

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Titled “Healing for the Core of the Woman, Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally,” the event recognizes that there are many sides to a woman. Laird said the words physically, spiritually and emotionally were chosen because she felt that these three words incorporate that idea.

Laird and her co-coordinator Debbie Corley asked that all attendees come in t-shirts to encourage relaxation. Following the theme of the event, there are three shirt colors that coordinate with each of the different facets.

Those who want help or healing for the physical heart should wear a red t-shirt. Those who come to the event looking for spiritual resources should wear a white t-shirt. Pink t-shirts will represent the feminine and emotional side.

“I want everyone to come in relaxed mode,” Laird said, referencing no suits, heals or stockings. “When you’re relaxed, you’re going to hear more.”

The event will feature three speakers, each addressing one of the facets. Tamica Smith-Jeuitt will represent the spiritual aspect of the woman. Smith-Jeuitt is a senior community specialist of United Methodist Conference and is from WLBT Law Call. Laird said they wanted to bring someone in from outside the community who could bring a different perspective and story.

Representing the emotional aspect of the woman is speaker and evangelist Annette Gale-Brown who will be sharing the story of a woman who was emotionally bound for 18 years as a testimony to what can change when you take emotional control of your life. Gale-Brown is a VA Computer Specialist.

Speaking on the physical aspects is registered nurse instructor Danelle Nunaley from Hattiesburg. Nunaley will talk about physical health and how it is connected with the other aspects of womanhood. Laird said they plan to start the symposium with some warm-up aerobics.

Vidalia Sanders of the Psalms 100 Studio in Brookhaven will handle music for the symposium.

“It is going to be a conversation,” Laird said.

The event will include several tables from organizations around the area. Representatives from King’s Daughter’s Medical Center will be available with resources on physical health. Wanda Craig, a Mary-Kay representative, will be present. Sonya Sims from Copiah-Lincoln Community College will also be there to provide literature on the courses, programs and degrees available there. There will also be more tables with information about each of the three aspects.

Laird spoke of the quote “knowledge is power” and hopes that those who attend the event take advantage of the resources and literature that will be available that day.

“A woman’s emotional healing is vital because she is the one who nurtures,” Laird said.

Laird said women are the ones who hide their emotions the most.

Laird said the symposium will happen annually, and she wants people to walk away with new friendships and acquaintances.

“We’re just gonna get real in there,” Laird said.

She encourages all women in the area to attend.

“They’ll walk away with an experience,” she said.