Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:20 am Friday, May 15, 2015


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Wednesday were unavailable.



The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office report for Wednesday and Thursday was as follows:

• Suspicious vehicle on West Lincoln School.

• Medical assistance on West Enterprise Street.

• Suspicious person on Pricedale Drive Southeast.

• Met complaint on Cade Lane Northwest.

• Met complaint on Somerset Road Southeast.

• Lost or stolen property on Thompson Lane Southeast.

• Warrant service on Heucks Retreat Road Northeast.

• Met complaint in Lincoln County.

• Met complaint on Auburn Drive Southwest.

• Burglar alarm on Zetus Road Northwest.

• Warrant service on West Lincoln Drive Southwest.

• Traffic accident on South First Street.

• Traffic accident at West Lincoln School.

• Panic alarm on Mount Zion Road Northeast.

• Warrant service on West Lincoln Drive Southwest.

• Juvenile complaint on New Sight Drive Northeast.

• Assault on Highway 51 Southeast.

• Met complaint on Dunn-Ratcliff Road Northwest.

• Met complaint on Sunset at Lake Bridge.

• Suspicious vehicle on Newman Trail Northeast.

• Met complaint on Highway 550 Northwest.

• Unlock on East Lincoln Drive Northeast.

• Suspicious vehicle on West Lincoln Drive Southwest.

• Met complaint on Justice Street.

• Prowler on Shell Oil Lane Southeast.

• Met complaint on Parkhill Lane Southeast.

• Escort at State Bank.