Teen runs original jewelry business

Published 10:23 am Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When Abby Smith was in fifth grade, she and her mother attended a craft show where a pair of wire earrings caught their eyes.

Smith’s mother, Heather Smith, contemplated buying the jewelry until her daughter made a presumptuous statement.

“Y’all are wasting y’all’s money, I can do that,” Abby said with a laugh.

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Her mother did not believe her at first. Although Abby had always shown a creative side, Heather doubted. That doubt didn’t last long.

As soon as Abby got home, she searched the house for some wire. She found some floral ribbon and quickly dissected it to remove the wire. Soon, she had fashioned her very first pair of earrings.

Abby Smith shows off some of her original jewelry.

Abby Smith shows off some of her original jewelry.

Now, Abby is completing seventh grade at Alexander Junior High School and has her own jewelry business, Abby G Originals. Complete with a social media presence, direct orders and even retail sales through a store in Florence, what started out as a whim has turned into a full-fledged business.

“She’s always been so determined and mature for her age,” Heather said. “She sets her mind to something, and she does it.”

Heather said she has encouraged Abby to remain responsible with her money. Abby is responsible for buying her own supplies, paying her taxes and tithing.

Abby said from her regular sells she always tithes 10 percent to her church, Easthaven. However, during special events, such as Ole Brook Festival, she donates a portion of her proceeds to various charities. Recently, she has found a special place in her heart for the Baptist Children’s Village, and she has chosen to have them benefit from her sales after festivals.

Abby said she gets much of her inspiration from Pinterest, but she never copies. All of her designs are original. Some of her designs she has modified so that they become a mother-daughter set.

When Abby started out, she was just making jewelry for family and friends, and slowly it branched out.

“I remember the first time I saw a stranger wearing your jewelry,” Heather said to Abby.

In the beginning, people would make comments about how cute it was for little girls to make jewelry. Now, people like the jewelry for its own sake.

Although making jewelry is Abby’s favorite thing to do, Heather always reminds her that school must come first. Abby has to be careful to not take too many orders during the school year, so that her schoolwork does not suffer.

And though Heather is careful to monitor Abby’s workload, Abby’s top advice is to not stress about anything.

“Looking back and seeing what it was and what it is; it’s awesome,” Abby said.

Abby hopes to continue making jewelry  and hopes to have her jewelry in many different stores. She also wants to have her own studio.

“I would stay home from just about anything to make jewelry,” she said.

Abby said she thinks anyone can reach their dreams if they just set their mind to it.

“Don’t let anyone stop you because they can’t tell you what you can and can’t do,” she said.

For more information about Abby Smith’s jewelry, visit Abby G Originals on Facebook or @abbygoriginals on Instagram.