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Hurricane preparedness is a must

The recent wet weather is a perfect reminder of what makes hurricanes dangerous for areas this far inland. While the primary hazard from hurricanes is storm surge in coastal areas, inland flooding from rains accounts for 25 percent of all hurricane-related deaths.

Hurricane Preparedness Week continues through Saturday, and local and state officials are urging all Mississippi residents to be prepared.

“Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, we have vivid memories of the storm and its aftermath. As our state has seen too many times, hurricanes can cause unparalleled destruction,” Gov. Phil Bryant said. “As a result, we are more prepared than ever for the threat of tropical weather.

“I tell our citizens, for every disaster we face, that positive outcomes are produced by what people do to prepare themselves, their families and their neighborhoods,” said MEMA Executive Director Robert Latham. “When it comes to hurricanes and tropical systems, there is no reason we should have loss of life because there is plenty of time to prepare and put together your personal plans.”

There are several suggestions when it comes to hurricane preparedness, but the most important tip is simply to put a plan together now, before a storm is heading our way. Also important is to have an emergency supply kit ready. That kit should contain: flashlight, batteries, radio, non-perishable food, water, toiletry items, medications, cash and pet food and supplies.

Businesses should also have a hurricane plan in place. Though we typically think only of coastal businesses being impacted, inland businesses can be affected by power outages and flooding.

As Hurricane Katrina showed us 10 years ago, Lincoln County is not out of the danger zone when it comes to damage from a hurricane.