Police Reports

Published 10:09 am Friday, May 29, 2015


The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Wednesday were as follows:

• Public assistance on Union Street Extension.

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• Prowler on Jaywood Lane.

• Disturbance on Fred Walley Drive.

• Public assistance on North First Street.

• Traffic stop on Union Street.

• Traffic stop on South First Street.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard.

• Traffic accident on Union Street Extension.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard.

• Missing property on Brookway Boulevard.

• Public assist on West Monticello Street.

• Harassment on Vivian Merritt Street.

• Missing property on Brookway Boulevard.

• Alarm on Zetus Road.

• Met complainant on Curran Avenue.

• Threats on Sixth Street.

• Alarm on Thadison Street.

• Suspicious person on West Cherokee Street.

• Traffic accident on West Monticello Street.

• Traffic stop on Industrial Road.

• 911 hang up on West Industrial Park Road. • Runaway on Chickasaw Street.

• Animal control on Benjamin Street.

• Alarm on South Whitworth Avenue.

• Disturbance on Swalm Avenue.

• Animal Control on Highway 51 North.

• Theft on Brookway Boulevard.

• Met complainant on South Egypt Circle.

• Theft on North First Street.

• Reckless driving on Old Wesson Road.

• Alarm on Brookway Boulevard.

• Disturbance on Old Wesson Road.

• Disturbance on Industrial Park Road.

• Met complainant on Highway 51 North.

• Met complainant on Wood Street.

• Shoplifter on East Monticello Street.

• Alarm on Highway 51 North.

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard.

• Loitering on North Martin L. King Drive.

• Public assist on Brookway Boulevard.

• Harassment on Eastview Drive.

• Traffic stop on Highway 51 North.

• Traffic stop on Williams Street.