GameStop dreams of geek green with

Published 10:46 am Friday, June 5, 2015

Think: 1 (verb) to have particular opinion, belief or idea about someone or something. 2 ThinkGeek (noun) the greatest geek-based money magnet since Ebay

A little over a week ago, I got some very disturbing news. was going up for sale. Now for those out there that don’t know what ThinkGeek is, imagine if you will, a land filled with t-shirt, toys, collectibles, replicas, nic-nacs and every other dream every geek never dreamt they wanted, until they saw it on ThinkGeek.

A digital wonderland filled with licensed merchandise from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, Nintendo and every other product label on the shelves in my Man-Cave. It is pure Geek-vana.

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But there was trouble in paradise. and all its gossamer, geeky, grandiose goodness was going to the gavel to be sold off. And the first fish to bite was a definite throw back. Like Bill Engvall said, it was a dork fish.

Hot Topic, that goth-opotamus of mall blight that saw its popularity wax and wane with Nirvana in the ‘90s, has been trying to fit itself into the geek niche like a grandmother trying to fit in her granddaughter’s leather corset. Things just didn’t look right. And now, they were trying to gobble up in one last ditch “suck it in” attempt at fitting in. And that’s where my hero comes into this drama.

Enter GameStop. Now I once worked at GameStop … for a month (long story) but one thing I learned is that they aren’t the holy white knight riding a golden gryphon, but they do know a good deal when they see it. Not only did they outbid Hot Topic by $18 million (GameStop bid $140 million while Hot Topic bid $122 million) but they also offered to pay the fee to break the sales agreement ThinkGeek already had with Hot Topic.

YAY! Someday soon I whole heartedly anticipate perusing pre-owned games and the latest in fine light sabre letter openers without having to leave the store.

I am going to be so broke.

Class dismissed.