‘Jurassic World’: Not just a walk in the park

Published 10:55 am Friday, June 19, 2015

Reboot: 1 (verb) the act of bringing back former ideas with hopes of revitalizing a stale franchise. 2 (Jurassic Park) Exactly what this series needed! BONUS! 3 (geek) an underrated CGI cartoon series from the 90’s

I mentioned last week about why I thought “Jurassic Park” worked so well, and why the two sequels, “Lost World” and “Jurassic Park 3,” never could get their bloated budgets off the ground.

“Jurassic World” has restored my faith that Hollywood A) has ears and B) remembers how to spend money. They listened to the fans and designed this dino-saster story with humor, horror, tension, chemistry, and science.

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Where the two official sequels failed to have any relatable characters that made you want them to survive, “Jurassic World” had me invested in the safety of the main cast and even some of the side characters as well.

One particular character, Ms. (SPOILER REDACTED), dies in a very gruesome and deliberate manner that stuck with me even after the movie. It had me saying, “Wow! That woman is having the worst day … EVER!” It also marks the first female fatality in the Jurassic franchise, but also ranks as one of my most memorable (right up there with Toilet Nom and Clever Girl.)

On the subject of deaths, there are quite a bit more than previous titles, and some are pretty horrific. No, there’s no The Walking Dead level gore, but several cringe worthy “GAH!” moments are there to be had.

Harkening back to its roots, the movie pays homage to Jurassic Park on several occasions reminding the audience “Hey remember this movie? Yeah. It was great.”

Is this an epic on the scale of “Citizen Kane” or “Casablanca?” No silly! This has dinosaurs chasing and eating people, but it wears that SOOOO well.

In conclusion, this movie is the sequel the first movie deserved. It’s a whole theme park of different thrill rides, and no lines.

Hmm… Casablanca with Velociraptors? Maybe not.

Class dismissed.


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