The annual migration of the geek

Published 11:32 am Friday, July 17, 2015

Con: 1 (noun) an instance of deceiving or tricking someone. 2 (geek) pretty much that, but we do it anyway

Yes dear friends, it’s con season again! This weekend, I am in New Orleans at MechaCon, a local anime, manga, robot, cartoon, video game, etc. gathering of like-minded people (yeah, you only HOPED there was only one of my kind. Nope. I have a niche).

I go to MechaCon every year like clockwork for six years now and have had a blast every year. Though I wouldn’t mind a trip to San Diego ComicCon someday, before I die … which, if I did get to go, SDCC would probably kill me.

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I’m all for supporting your fandom (do what you love), but at SDCC this year, they held a panel about the new Star Wars movie, and people were lining up for the panel THE DAY BEFORE it was held, which means these people waited in line on Friday or Saturday for five to six hours to get in, then immediately went to stand in line for 12 to 16 more hours just to get into the panel. They paid for the entire weekend so they could get in, and spent all their time waiting in line?! No thanks. I’ll wait for the leaked footage on YouTube like every other sane person.

“But Jason,” you may be saying, “aren’t you going to a con? Aren’t you going to wait in line for your fandom hours on end?” To which I would humbly reply “How dare you talk to me?! I roll Gold Pass, peasant!” No waiting. No hassle. All the snob. *evil laugh and thunder effect*

SDCC did have some gems come out though: Deadpool trailer, Star Wars news and clips, New Batman vs. Superman trailer and the Suicide Squad trailer. All pretty dern cool, that I watched from my comfy, air conditioned desk at work … on my lunch break.

Go Gold or No Go, class dismissed.


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