Community should come together against violence

Published 10:07 am Thursday, July 30, 2015

I’ve been thinking in awe. What can I do and say to make a difference in the lives of my young brothers?

I’ve thought about Chief Bell often. I want him to know that we, the citizens of Brookhaven, support him and the police officers, especially Commander David “Basie” Johnson in their efforts to solve these murders. So to all citizens of Brookhaven, you can make a difference by giving names of the accused, or if you can, please, call 911 or the police station at 601-833-2424 to report.

God does not want us to be afraid when doing his work. We’ve got to be bold and strong. I know, I’ve been here several times in my life here and in another state.

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To all of you, Chief Bell, Commander Johnson, other officers and all citizens, I will go and stand with you. I’m willing to go from door to door in Cloverdale to talk with young people (I think this is one of my callings). I enjoy talking with people, especially young people.

When serving as assistant principal at Lipsey Middle School under Principal Thomas “Toby” Fauver, I learned from Mr. Fauver and my own experiences to talk with and to young people. My mind raced back to the 70s, when Marvin Gay wrote  a song “What’s going on?”

He wrote the song because of police brutality. Now there are deaths, not in Brookhaven, but elsewhere. Thank God!

He also wrote the song because of black on black crime in Chicago and Los Angeles. Now, right here in our area. What a difference time makes? But when all else fails, please remember to pray and continue to pray, never ceasing.

I would love to read this article and lyrics of the song to every young person in Cloverdale under the direction of Chief Bell. Let’s not forget to ask former Chief Pap Henderson for help. He, too, could make a difference. We need everybody to help. Let’s keep God first and go forward.


Josie Hightower

Brookhaven resident


Candidate denies involvement in mailers

I realize election day is drawing ner, and voters do need to make decisions based on facts.

My campaign has been credited with sending mailers with vicious accusations pointed at my opponent. I was in no way remotely responsible for that effort, nor did I have any knowledge of it until reading the paper.

I made a conscious decision at the onset of this campaign, that I would dedicate myself to running a clean, honest campaign. That’s the way I approach my life.

I put my efforts toward running for the office, not against my opponent.


Mike Campbell

Senate District 39 candidate