Paving plan up for vote Monday: Work could start in mid-Oct. on $2.9M project

Published 9:56 am Friday, August 21, 2015

The Brookhaven Board of Aldermen has called for a special meeting in hopes of voting on a finalized plan for the multi-million-dollar paving project to fix roads in need of repair across the city.

If the board can vote to move forward with the plan in the meeting Monday at 4 p.m., work could begin as early as mid-October.

City Engineer Ryan Holmes, whose firm was hired for the paving project, this week presented the board with data gathered from riding the roads and scoring them on quality. Factored in are the roads that will have sewer and water work done beneath them, and the appropriate materials to be used for each part of a road per the engineer’s recommendation.

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In Tuesday’s meeting, Holmes called the plan a “partial” paving plan, as the costs were based on sections of roads that would be fixed. He said the total cost of the paving according to what each alderman requested was about $2.3 million. Holmes went on to show the board what the plan would look like if they fixed the roads that they requested fully instead of partially, illustrating the firm’s recommendation.

Holmes said this total came to about $2.9 million.

Aldermen on Thursday worked to finalize the list of streets in their wards that needed paving work.

The board decided not to proceed with the partial plan in favor of the full paving Holmes recommended and the aldermen adjusted their lists accordingly. In line with the goal of efficiency, the board agreed to let the details of the pavement method and materials be decided by Holmes and the engineers. Rather than doing full paving for every street, Holmes said there are some instances where partial paving would be more efficient.

“If y’all can agree these are the roads you want to do and give it to me and let me do that, I think we can get this finalized,” Holmes said. “Because you’re right, there are some that you need to finish what you started but the new roads that you haven’t done one inch of paving on, I would highly recommend us not doing partial paving. I would recommend that we do full paving on those.”

Ward 6 Alderman  David Phillips gave an example of a road that has had pavement work in recent years, with only 600 feet left to complete. Holmes agreed there are some roads such as this where partial paving would be a better solution than repaving the entire road. While the cost of the project is fluctuating as the streets lists have changed, letting Holmes make decisions on partial versus full paving and the materials could result in a decrease in the cost.

The board will consider the plan for the project at Monday’s meeting.

“At this point obviously we can’t vote on anything but we all seem to be in agreement with this,” Mayor Joe Cox said at Thursday’s work session. “And if you will work up your last set [of documents] […], if you’ll do that basing the partial or full on your recommendation and let’s try to wrap this up.”