A violent culture creates violent nature

Published 10:57 am Friday, August 28, 2015

While watching media coverage of more senseless murders — this time two young TV staff persons doing their job — all of us must wonder why. Though every case may be different, they are also similar.

Violent deaths are the end result. The count seems to be the killers’ measure of success. The life of the violent one has often been devalued by him as much as he has devalued the lives of the victims, known or unknown.

Violence produces violence! We are now a culture of violence. Blind people can listen to TV and movie commercials and see that violence has become our primary form of entertainment. Guns, bullets, explosions, fire, blood and death are blasted into the homes and theaters of this whole nation 24 hours a day. We are the world’s greatest exporters of violence, profanity and pornography… and of their reproductive consequences.

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We have lied ourselves into thinking we can create a separate and safe world for our children and youth, while flaunting our adult sins of permissiveness. The very idea that a birthday, be it 18 or 21 or 35, gives assurance of maturity must be a reference to anatomy only.

There are multiple levels of mental illness, depression, anger, hostility, race and gender issues that cloud the minds of millions. These are stirred by the emotions of media into role playing of violence at all levels of human potential.

Add to the above the commercials glorifying alcohol as one big party. Include our drug culture, whether prescribed or not, plus the stresses of high tech living. Mix with every genetics combination and limitation, and you have our American public.

TV wrestling and ultimate fighting stir the emotions of vengeance and a thirst for blood. Is there a mature human being on Earth who believes that our present culture will produce “Peace on Earth, and good will toward mankind?”

Someone said “You will reap what you sow,” and “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

Life is for caring, not killing. Listen up, Hollywood.


Glenn Martin

Lincoln County resident