IRS, law enforcement won’t call

Published 10:24 am Thursday, September 3, 2015

Scammers are circling, searching for vulnerable people to take advantage of.

One local resident, Donna Kenney, said Wednesday she received three phone calls from a 360 area code claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. She said one had such a thick foreign accent that she could hardly understand what they said and hung up.

They claimed that Kenney was being sued by the IRS, and she needed to act quickly.

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Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing said scams like this are always floating around, and there seem to be more everyday. He said some of the other ones he’s heard about recently have involved winning $2 million and a Rolls Royce or someone impersonating law enforcement and saying the person owed a fine. Rushing said technology can even make the caller ID look like it is indeed coming through a police department.

Federal agencies are always looking into scams and trying to shut them down.

Rushing said neither the IRS or law enforcement will communicate with you by phone. Important documents are always sent by mail.

He advises people to give the caller the Sheriff Office’s number and tell the caller to explain the reason for the call to his office.