Brookhaven brings home Norwood Cup

Published 10:30 am Friday, September 4, 2015

The Brookhaven Club team ended a two year drought against Wolf Hollow last Sunday to win the Norwood Cup.

Brookhaven enter into Sunday’s contest with a commanding 16-4 lead and held on to secure the victory with a 24 to 16 advantage over Wolf Hollow.

Brookhaven was captained by Tye Ferguson and Wolf Hollow was captained by John Walton.

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Saturday’s 4 Ball resultsĀ 

Tye Ferguson/Justin Spencer (BCC) tied with Chris Lofton/Ricky McInnis (WH)

Kent Allen/Jason Byrd (BCC) tied with Dwayne Wooten/Chuck Holloway (WH)

Michael Gates/Paul Henning (BCC) beat Brock Campbell/Mike Wooten (WH)

Craig Smith/Cody Jordan (BCC) beat Ronny Ross/Brandon Goldsmith (WH)

Darrin Hirsch/Don Coleman (BCC) beat Jeff Greenlee/Ryan Case (WH)

Jeff Henning/Glynn Murray (BCC) tied with Lannie Staten/Johnny Walton (WH)

Steven Bozeman/Mason Warren (BCC) beat Charlie Davis/Alex Shoemake (WH)

Kelvin Locke/Chris Nations (BCC) beat Greg Garvin/Rusty Crawford (WH)

Josh Simmons/Trent Maddox (BCC) tied with Jonathan Kelly/John Clark (WH)

Jimbo Williams/Roger Maddox (BCC) beat Winston Lott/Gent Smith (WH)

Sunday’s Individual Pairing resultsĀ 

Gent Smith (WH) tied Mason Warren (BCC)

Rusty Crawford (WH) tied Jimbo Williams (BCC)

Greg Garvin (WH) lost to Cody Jordan (BCC)

Winston Lott (WH) lost to Roger Maddox (BCC)

John Clark (WH) beat Glynn Murray (BCC)

Jonathan Kelly (WH)beat Kelvin Locke (BCC)

Alex Shoemake (WH) beat Josh Simmons (BCC)

Johnny Walton (WH) beat Chris Nations (BCC)

Lannie Staten (WH)beat Paul Henning (BCC)

Brandon Goldsmith (WH) beat Trent Maddox (BCC)

Charlie Davis (WH) lost to Justin Spencer (BCC)

Brock Campbell (WH) beat Tye Ferguson (BCC)

Ronny Ross (WH) lost to Steven Bozeman (BCC)

Dwayne Wooten (WH)beat Don Coleman (BCC)

Jeff Greenlee (WH) tied Jeff Henning (BCC)

Ryan Case (WH) beat Jason Byrd (BCC)

Chuck Holloway (WH) lost to Darrin Hirsch (BCC)

Mike Wooten (WH) beat Michael Gates (BCC)

Chris Lofton (WH)lost to Kent Allen (BCC)

Ricky McInnis (WH) tied Craig Smith (BCC)