Nerds of a feather flock together

Published 10:10 am Friday, September 11, 2015

Herd 1 (noun) a group of same species animals gathered in a group by design or out of mutual benefit. 2 (geek) yeah… pretty much that.

A man’s house is his castle, but some people take that another step further. For some, their home is their Fortress of Solitude, their Bat Cave, their Stark Tower, or any other number of fan related monikers.

But it is in all geek and nerd nature to seek others of like interest for guidance, camaraderie, debate or entertainment. Some choose to do this meeting of the minds in the safety of their own four walls, while others prefer a more open approach by stepping out of their domicile into the tall grass of the public scene.

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Meeting for discussion at home is fine enough, but what about when it’s competition you’re after? Some table top games require A LOT of space such as Warmachine and Warhammer 40K. If your game of Dungeons and Dragons with miniatures doesn’t take up a whole table, you’re doing it wrong. Even card games like Yu Gi Oh, Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon tend to sprawl over a large area.

I’m blessed enough to have friends with extra rooms and large tables, but not everyone has the same luxury. Some say they play games at local restaurants or in common rooms like a dorm lobby. In the old days (see. Late 90’s) my friends and I would sprawl across the floor of our dorm, or find a coffee table large enough for … most of the game to fit on. The rest we stacked in the floor.

Those were dark times.

But I’m curious, what is your favorite watering hole for the spring of geekdom? What was the biggest extreme you’ve ever gone through just to find room to be together and play or chat?

Let me hear from you by emailing me at

You have homework. Get to it. Class dismissed.


Jason Reeves is a self-proclaimed geek tackling on the biggest issues from video games to movies and everything in between.