City needs to clean up public properties as well

Published 10:25 am Friday, September 25, 2015

Dear Editor,

While I can appreciate the efforts of the city and new city inspector to hold property owners accountable for their properties, certainly, it is important to lead by example.

Efforts have been made and abandoned for decades to do something with the old King’s Daughters Hospital building that sits in the middle of downtown Brookhaven. While restoration projects may have once restored it to its former usefulness, it now appears to be beyond repair and a nuisance to our beautiful city. When will it be addressed? When will those responsible for it (i.e. the city of Brookhaven) be held accountable for something being done?

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Further, Eva Harris School was once a beautiful, viable building and a testament to the legendary educator for whom it was named. It now has a tree growing in the middle of it, among other things, and it sits in complete disrepair in a neigborhood. When will that property owner be held accountable? Again, if this property clean up initiative is to be fair, it should represent the totality of properties throughout the city that are truly abandoned or neglected. Many of the owners brought in before the board work hard everyday and had issues on their properties that paled in comparison to the two landmarks I’ve mentioned here. In all things, we just need to be fair and equitable.


LaRenda Harrison

Brookhaven resident