Geek Speak column reaches one year milestone

Published 10:26 am Friday, October 2, 2015

Anniversary: 1 (noun) the date on which an event took place on a previous year. 2 (me) I’ve been writing these for how long?!

Leave it to Facebook to remind me that last Friday was the first anniversary of Geek Speak 101! To celebrate, I’ve decided to recap all the geek that is geek to happen in the past yearHere we go:

Geek by fate. Destiny’s great.

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Bad comic movies. Warmachine’s groovy.

Who’s Dr. Who? Horror films, too.

Advanced Call of Duty. Marvel makes movies.

Pokemon on top. For geeks, how to shop.

Cosplay defined. Wolverine died.

Retcon away! “What did you do, Ray!?”

Zombies brawlin’. Spider-man crawlin’.

Zelda’s no equal. Aliens sequel.

Greedy game makers. Geek money savers.

Voice acting’s a thing. Game blood a spewing.

First person shooters. Good Shoot N’ Looter.

MK makes money. Hulk beats up Tony.

Box office wars. Anime, SCORE!

Geek stuff I’m finding. Digital mining.

GameStop gets geek. Jurassic World, SWEET!

E3’s revealing. Mobile game dealing.

Shark Week’s a joke. MechaCon. SO STOKED!

MechaCon loot. Arcades got the boot.

Rare is the word. Where do you nerd?

Destiny, too. 80’s for you.

It’s been a blast so far, and I haven’t stopped being a nerd in 37 years, so why stop now. Got any ideas for an article you’d like to see? Send it to me at

To all of my readers, all 7 I’m sure,

For all the weeks of geek you’ve had to endure.

I have to say thanks, and that there’s still more.

You never know what I might have in store.

Class dismissed.


Jason Reeves is a self-proclaimed geek tackling the biggest issues from video games to movies and everything in between.