Brookhaven fire department goes above call of duty

Published 10:00 pm Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hartley Gove Sons thermometer company was sold to our best customer and moved to their factory in Cochranton, Pennsylvania in early July. At a later date I plan to advise the readers about the history of Hartley Gove Sons.

I wanted to have a fired department inspection of our empty factory, except for a large inventory of shipping cartons, furniture, etc. I requested through the chief, Tony Weeks, to have all three shifts come and inspect the factory. I would like tow tell the readers that Brookhaven is blessed to have such a fine fire department. The men asked many questions about the building and its contents, and I tried to give them all the information which I had available. All three shifts of eight or nine men each came out on three consecutive days to inspect our facility. All the fire fighters were professional and knowledgeable about their duties and very interested in all they saw.

My personal opinion is that we have some very fine fire fighters who are willing to put their lives on the line to save lives and property.

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Ed Gove

Stroke survivors should band together

On Sept. 21, 2014, my whole life was changed for me. I have had illness before — nothing like this. You either can stay in bed or try to go on with your life, the best you can. I heard a therapist say “Do what makes you happy.” I think I killed a lot of plants in the process. Plants and my rabbits are my happy times. People out there if someone in your family times has had a stroke — you don’t know how to deal with it. My phone number is open to you, 601-835-1132.

Until you know what we are going through it’s hard to understand. Heavenly Father wants me to reach out to you to help. I have had five strokes, a lot of mini strokes — I couldn’t walk, didn’t know who and what day it was. Through prayers and faith God showed me the way.

Thanks to all the prayer from friends, family and church members. I am able to try and start my life over. I’d love to share and help you succeed through this time. It isn’t easy, but we can’t give up. I am a survivor.

God be with you.

Mary Manny