Bullet Hole offers indoor shooting range

Published 10:17 pm Saturday, October 17, 2015

It’s called The Bullet Hole Indoor Range. Shelves in the front are lined with shooting equipment. Mutt, a Yorkie, may greet you at the door. In the back is the gun range, where several lanes – each with movable targets that go back up to 25 yards – are separated by barricades.

The Bullet Hole has been open for seven years, and has done quite well for itself, according to owner Richard Goss.

The Bullet Hole Indoor Range owner Richard Goss lines up a target recently.

The Bullet Hole Indoor Range owner Richard Goss lines up a target recently.

“We just needed something in this area for everybody,” Goss said. “It’s pretty much the only one in this area.”

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Along with the range and the store, The Bullet Hole offers an National Rifle Association-certified FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation for people who want to learn gun handling and safety.

Goss said it’s important to treat a gun as if it’s loaded at all times.

“Always treat a gun like it’s loaded. Keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times,” Goss said. “Even if you see somebody unload it, you check and make sure it’s unloaded. As soon as they hand it to you, you turn and clear it. That way, you don’t have any doubt that the weapon is unloaded, but always treat the weapon like it’s loaded even if you know it’s not. … My advice, if they’re going to be carrying a gun, go ahead and get training on how to handle the gun and proper shooting,” Goss said.

Goss said they get a lot of different customers, and it’s not an uncommon place for groups or parties.

“They come as a family, they come as individuals, and also groups. We’ve even had some teenagers and youngsters do birthday parties, and come with their parents and shoot. It worked out real well.”

Goss said they try to provide customer-oriented service at The Bullet Hole.

“We try to give them a personal service that they don’t get everywhere else. We do rifle sighting, scope sighting, anything we can do to help the customers.”

The Bullet Hole is located at 1642 Caleb Drive. Goss and his wife Jennifer run the range every day except Sunday. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday.