Police and sheriff reports

Published 10:13 am Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Saturday through Monday were as follows:

• Aggravated assault on Biglane Drive.

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• Theft on N. Railroad Avenue.

• Missing property on W. Minnesota Street.

• Vandalism on Jada Trail.

• Threats on E. Monticello Street.

• Attempted burglary on S. Jackson Street.

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard.

• Suspicious person on N. MLK Boulevard.

• Reckless driving on Powell Street.

• Suspicious activity on McCormick Court.

• Suspicious vehicle on E. Monticello Street.

• Attempted burglary on Curran Avenue.

• Attempted burglary on W. Monticello Street.

• Fireworks on Pine Street.

• Suspicious vehicle on Hwy 51 N.

• Traffic accident on E. Monticello Street.

• Loud music on Rogers Circle.

• Trespassing on S. Center Street.

• Fire on New Sight Drive.

• Open door on E. Monticello Street.

• Alarm on Morningside Drive.

• Vandalism on Union Street.

• Traffic accident on I-55 N.

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard.

• Traffic accident on Brookhaven Street.

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard.

• Suspicious person on W. Congress Street.

• Suspicious vehicle on N. Jackson Street.

• Theft on Hwy 51 N.

• Animal control on Martin Avenue.

• Suspicious vehicle on Powell Street.

• Suspicious activity on N. Cleveland Avenue.

• Suspicious activity on Dale Trail.

• Suspicious person on Hwy 51 N.

• Theft on Halbert Heights Road.

• Disturbance on N. Church Street.

• Wrecker needed on McCormick Court.


Sheriff reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s reports for Friday through Sunday were as follows:

• Traffic accident on Mission Hill Road NE.

• Suspicious person on Jackson Liberty Drive.

• Suspicious vehicle on Calvary Drive SW.

• Improperly parked on East Lincoln Drive NE.

• Alarm on Greenwood Lane SE.

• Suspicious person on Case Trail NW.

• Suspicious vehicle on Betty Bryant Lane NW.

• Burglar alarm on Westside Lane NW.

• Suspicious person on Crawford Lane SE.

• Vandalism on Jackson Liberty Drive.

• Transport from Jail/McComb.

• Suspicious vehicle at Holly Springs Church.

• Vandalism on West Lincoln Drive.

• Road block on California Road NW.

• Suspicious person on Auburn/Arlington.

• Suspicious vehicle at Allen Grocery.

• Vandalism on Macedonia Road NW.

• Improperly parked on Calvary Drive SW.

• Burglary of vehicle on Walker Lane NW.

• Traffic accident on Caseyville Road NW.

• Traffic accident on Huckleberry Trail SW.

• Fire structure on Jackson Liberty Drive SW.

• Suspicious vehicle on Wind Mill Drive SE.