Update: Lawrence sheriff says no police impersonator

Published 4:36 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2016


A statement from the sheriff’s office:

“Our earlier advisory regarding an unidentified male posing as a police officer in an unmarked car in Lawrence County was based on testimony provided by a woman who was, in fact, stopped by actual law enforcement officers.

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“The woman told a Lawrence County deputy that she had been pulled over in Lawrence County by two African-American males in an unmarked car with police emergency lights. Later, she changed her story by saying that she was pulled over by an African-American male and a Caucasian male.

“After thorough review of our records, it was determined that the woman had, in fact, been pulled over, but she was pulled over by actual law enforcement officials recently.

“This was an honest misunderstanding, and we do not fault the woman for her confusion. We dare to speculate that she heard or read about the law enforcement impersonator in Jefferson Davis County and thought that the same thing had happened to her.”


Original story:

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a man posing as a law enforcement officer along highways in both Jefferson Davis and Lawrence counties.

“The unidentified person is operating an unmarked car with police emergency lights in the dash, attempting to pull people over,” the sheriff’s office stated on Facebook. “If anyone attempts to pull you over during the day, and you are uncertain which law enforcement agency they are from, dial 911 to verify their credibility.

“If anyone attempts to pull you over at night, and you are uncertain of the vehicles credibility, dial 911 to verify and drive to a clearly lit area.”

The statement advised residents to not dial 911 if they are certain of the credibility of the law enforcement agency. Credible law enforcement vehicles will be clearly marked.

Sheriff’s deputies have been advised to work with the public regarding this issue, according to the statement.

“They have been asked to be understanding if you don’t pull over immediately while verifying the credibility of their vehicles. If you have any pertinent, useful information or know the identity of the aforementioned person, please dial 601-587-2961 to submit said information.”