Lawmakers work on local efforts

Published 10:11 am Friday, March 11, 2016

Local legislators are working on bills that focus on the area they represent and are facing a legislative deadline in April. Both Sen. Sally Doty and Rep. Becky Currie have bills and efforts concerning the new baseball complex in Lincoln County.

The deadline for local and private bills that are not revenue bills in the Mississippi Legislature is April 15.

Sen. Sally Doty said local and private bills have extended deadlines to allow action to be taken throughout the session. Generally, Doty said, these types of bills are handled in the last week or two of session.

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Doty said she is working on bills to do with tax credits affecting historic efforts downtown, King’s Daughters Medical Center and the new baseball complex.

“Although many other bills would impact Lincoln County and Brookhaven, specifically I am watching and supporting restoration of the historic tax credits which have been so important for the revitalization of downtown Brookhaven,” Doty said.

Doty said she has also been in close contact with KDMC regarding a bill to require the Department of Revenue to deduct from state tax refunds any unpaid medical bills that have properly been reduced to judgment.

“I have a local and private bill drafted to allow structures at the new ballfield complex to be named for sponsors,” she said. “This will take agreement from the county Board of Supervisors.”

The bill will be handled by the local and private committee, Doty said.

Rep. Becky Currie said most of what she is working on for Lincoln County is in different appropriation bills.

“We are trying to get more money for roads and bridges, education and other projects specific for Lincoln County,” Currie said. “I have worked with the Mississippi School of the Arts to get some things that they need, and (Circuit Clerk) Dustin Barfield in getting legislation through to improve the election process and get early voting in the courthouse.”

Currie said she is also working on a tourism appropriation bill to hopefully get some money for the new baseball field.

“All of these things are pending in appropriations and hopefully we will have the money to get these things done,” Currie said. “The budget is very tight this year. Revenue has not been as good as it was the last few years.”