Ole Brook wins track and field event

Published 11:30 am Friday, March 25, 2016

Brookhaven hosted and won the Ole Brook track and field event Tuesday at King Field.

There were a total of nine local teams – Loyd Star, West Lincoln, Franklin County, Hazlehurst, Jefferson County, Florence, Terry and Raymond – participating in the event.

The Lady Panthers  captured first place In the girls’ 4×800 meter relay with a time of 11:53.90. Gracie Gray was second in the girls 3200 meter run with a time of 14:10.40, Abby Roberts, was third in the girls 3200 meter run with a time of 15:45.23 and Jordan Fries finished fourth with a time of 15:46.39.

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In the girls 100-meter hurdles, Mya Washington (19.65) was eighth, Maria Wilson was fifth (19.79), Shantraille Haynes was sixth (20.20), Brittney Hill finished 12th (27.22).

In the girls 100-meter dash, Johnaya Williams finished third (13.39), Danielle Culbert was fourth (13.41), and Jerricka Williams was fifth (13.42)

Brookhaven finished first in the girls’ 4×100 relay with a time of 50.31 and third in the girls’ 4×200 relay with a time of 1:51.27.

In the girls 1600-meter run, Miyah Miller took home first place with a time of 6:00.83. Gracie Gray secure third at 6:36.06 and Abby Roberts finished sixth at 7:24.46

In the girls 400-meter dash, Arnancy Arnold placed second at 1:04.07, Ayanna McNairy was fourth at 1:08.10, Alarria Townsend was seventh at 1:09.35 and Cynphoni Thompson was 12th at 1:16.00.

In the girls 300 meter hurdles, Mya Washington placed second at 54.26, Shantraille Haynes was fourth at 1:01.15 and Maria Wilson was fifth at 1:03.53.

In the girls 800 meter run, Arnancy Arnold won first place with a time of 2:45.01, Miyah Miller came in second at 2:47.38, Gracie Gray was fourth at 3:02.03 and Jordan Fries finished fifth at 3:13.00.

In the girls 200 meter dash, Johnaya Williams placed second with a time of 27.49, Jerricka Williams placed sixth at 28.11, Danielle Culbert was seventh at 28.62, Artia Robinson was 11th at 30.46, Deoshanay Lewis was 13th at 30.70, Ladericka May was 16th at 32.49.

In the girls long jump, Ayanna McNairy finished first at 15-03.00. Artia Robinson was second at 14-11.00, Asia Byrd placed third at 14-06.00 and Cynphoni Thompson was seventh at 11-11.50.

In the girls high jump, Asia Byrd secure first place with a jump of 4-10.00 and Deoshanay Lewis was fourth with a jump of 4-04.00.

In the girls shot put, Tamia Stallings finished third with a throw of 31-03.00, Aaliyah Barnes was sixth at 29-01.00, Kira Gibson was eighth at 27-06.00 and Ladericka May was 15th at 22-07.00.

In the girls discuss throw, Mya Washington placed second with a throw of 87-04, Aaliyah Barnes was fourth at 78-01, Kira Gibson was eighth at 72-08, Vanessa Tolentino was 12th at 61-01 and Ladericka May was 15th at 57-08.

In the girls triple jump, Artia Robinson capture second with a leap of 32-05.00, Ayanna McNairy placed third at 31-08.00 and Tatyana Crump was seventh at 28-01.00.

Panthers,  finished first in the boys 4×800 meter relay with a time of 9:25.15. Adrian Lockwood with a time 11:25 took home second in the boys’ 3200-meter run. Caleb McCreary finished fourth (11:52.50) and Jessie Gilmore was 17th (13:40.60).

In the boys 110 meter hurdles, Kariunte Edwards came in fourth (17.82); Deontrei Brown, eighth at 18.64; and Darius Calvin, ninth at 18.80.

In the boys 100-meter dash, Kenny Bellamy capture first with a time of 11.63. Jemaurian Jones was second at 11.77, Damarrell Leggett was fifth at 11.84, Andy Brown was ninth at 12.09 and Don Blandon was 10th at 12.28

Brookhaven’s B team captured first in the boys 4×100 relay with a time of 44.73 and second in the boys 4×200 relay with a time of 1:33.77. While the Brookhaven’s A team finished fourth in the boys 4×100 relay at 45.21 and placed third in the boys 4×200 relay at 1:34.80. The Panthers came in fifth in the boys 4×400 relay with a time of 4:01.60.

In the boys 1600 meter run, Antonio Dillon finished fifth at 5:30.96, Caleb McCreary was sixth at 5:24.83 and Lockwood was 18th at 6:34.67.

In the boys 400 meter dash, Dedric Butler finished fifth at 56.15, Tobias Williams was seventh at 56.64, Darius Sampson was ninth at 57.11, Norman Wooard was 12th at 59.73 and Lexavion Washington was 13th at 1:01.07.

In the boys 300 meter hurdles, Dontrei Brown took home third at 43.62

In the boys 800 meter run, Darius Sampson capture second at 2:25.43, Antonio Dillon was third at 2:26.45, Lexavion Washing placed 15th at 2:37.40 and Darius Nelson was 16th at 2:37.74.

In the boys 200 meter dash, Jemaurian Jones won with a time of 23.24. Kenny Bellamy was third at 23.97, Garrick Smith was fifth at 24.08, Damarrell Leggett was sixth at 24.14 and Davion Smith was 15th at 25.47.

In the boys long jump, Montero Barton placed second with leap of 21.10.50, Don Blandon placed ninth at 17-02.00, Trey Newton was 15th at 16-01.00 and Don Blanton was 16th at 15.05.00.

In the boys high jump, Darius Nelson placed fourth with a jump of 5-10.00 and Garrick Smith was fifth at 5-06.00.

In the boys shot put, Trace Clopton secure first place with throw 44-01.00. Traveon Murray was sixth at 40-06.00, Wesley Calcote was seventh at 40.04.00, Jeffrey Johnson was 10th at 37-10.00. Tre Laird was 14th at 31-11.00.

In the boys discuss throw, Xavion Franklin finished eighth at 89-00, Trace Clopton was 10th at 83-03, Tre Laird was 11th at 76-08 and Traveon Murray was 14th at 68-07.

In the boys triple jump, Montero Barton secure second place with leap of 41-10.50. Trey Newton was eighth at 35-09.50 and Darius Nelson was ninth at 35-05.50.

Loyd Star,  Abby Thomas took home first place in the girls 3200 meter run with a time of 12:39.72. In the boys 3200 meter run, Leondre Dodds was ninth (12:29.50), Roberto Galindo was 11th (12:51.80),

Abby Thomas placed second in the girls 1600 meter run with a time of 6:08.41.

In the boys 1600 meter run, Galindo placed 10th at 5:38.56 and Dodds was 11th at 5:38.69.

West Lincoln,  Jason Watts won first place in the boys 3200 meter run with a time of 10:41.50. Jonathan Mathis finished eighth (12:24.80) and Trevor Murray was 16th (13:39.90).

In the boys 1600 meter run, Mathis finished 10th at 5:38.25 and Murray was 15th at 6:11.04.