You asked: Left turn signals always in operation

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Q: Why don’t left-turn signals always operate on Brookway Boulevard? Who should people call if there are issues with street lights?

A: The left turn signals should always operate if there is someone in the left-turn lane, according to Billy Case with the street department. Rather than being strictly on a timer, the left-turn signals are a little smarter than that. The lanes have a pressure-sensitive strip that determine whether or not the left-turn signal should be in use.

The timescale on the lights are generally set by the companies that installed them, according to Case. They are then adjusted as necessary based on traffic density.

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“You take 51 and Brookway,” he said. “51 being the main road it gets a little bit more time than Brookway.”

If a traffic light is malfunctioning in any way, the best bet is to call the police department, who can get in touch with the right people depending on if the road is maintained by the city, state or county.