You asked: Monday weather siren for testing

Published 10:05 am Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Q: Why did the weather siren go off Monday?

A:  The county Emergency Management Agency typically tests the sirens on the first Saturday of the month at noon, according to EMA Director Clifford Galey.

“I have some reports that (the one at) Industrial Park wasn’t working, so we did a little test,” he said. “The test went a little haywire.”

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While the siren was supposed to shut off immediately afterward, that didn’t happen and it took a few minutes for them to silence the alarms.

Besides that one glitch, Galey said the Industrial Park siren was working perfectly.

Brookhaven’s five weather sirens were purchased in 2013, and outside of testing they are only intended to be sounded in the case of a tornado warning within the city limits.

While in this case the siren on Industrial Park seemed to be working as intended, Galey said any issue with the sirens should be reported, and the EMA will continue to run tests to ensure they are functioning correctly.

“I appreciate the phone calls when they think they aren’t working,” Galey said.

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