Writer wrong on Trump, Republican Party

Published 9:24 am Friday, July 29, 2016

Luke Horton’s comments on Trump in Sunday’s edition were quite disheartening, to put it politely.

“Nation building and regime change are hallmarks of the GOP and with good reason …,” Horton says. But history tells us Woodrow Wilson’s progressive ideals led us down the path of global interventionism.

Regime change and nation building are policies of the Neo-conservative movement that hijacked the Republican Party some years ago. George W. Bush railed against these policies during his debate with Al Gore.

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These are liberal policies expounded by the father of Neo-conservatives, Irving Krystol, a communist.

Horton may think that Republican support for destroying Libya and funding ISIS in Syria was a good move, but why?

Conservative Republicans know these were bad moves and that their party cannot continue to be a watered down version of the Democratic Party, fighting for world government. A U.S. centered policy is not narcissistic, it is conservatism itself.

David Smith