You Asked: No paving planned for Exchange Club Circle

Published 10:07 am Thursday, September 15, 2016

Q: Who is responsible for maintaining Exchange Park Circle, and are there any plans to repair the road?

A: According to Ward 6 Alderman David Phillips, a public works investigation four years ago determined that the road was owned by the Exchange Club Park.

Current Exchange Club President Greg Hoff said there was a disagreement between the city and the park about who owned the road, but did not comment further.

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Phillips said that when the club approached the board four years ago about paving the road, the aldermen were on board with the idea, but it was ultimately determined that the city couldn’t repair the road because it was on private property.

“Our public works director said we don’t own the right-of-way, and it would be illegal,” he said.

Phillips said that the Exchange Club Park was unwilling at the time to give the road to the city.

“There is a process to dedicate the street to the city, and the city has to be willing to accept it also,” he said.

For it to be legal for the city to pave the road, Phillips said the club would have to be willing to give right-of-way to the city. They would also have to hire an engineering firm to determine if the road meets city specifications.

If they road met specifications, and if the Board of Alderman voted to accept the road, it would then be added to a future paving plan when the budget allowed for it, according to Phillips.

Phillips said the club hasn’t approached the board about the road in the four years since the original meeting.