No room for apathy in Nov.

Published 11:07 am Friday, September 30, 2016

If you missed the first presidential debate, you missed one heck of a show, for one thing.

You also missed an opportunity to listen to where both candidates fall on several relevant issues heading into November’s election (not to mention a chance to follow along online considering several news organizations enhanced the debate experience with live fact-checking as each candidate spoke).

We’re all familiar with the array of excuses many eligible voters offer when defending their apathy toward elections at all levels.

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“I’m just not a political person.”

“I don’t like either candidate.”

“My vote won’t make a difference.”

The democratic process is not reserved for swing states or a small group of the nation’s most passionate, politically minded voters.

They are for every voting American. We should all be personally invested in the future of our country and informed on who and what we’re voting for before heading into the voting booth this November.

So, watch the debates. Tap into several different news sources to learn more about both candidates’ plans and proposals on every issue. Take advantage of fact-checking resources.

It is our duty as Americans to put forth the effort in understanding just how each candidate will shape our country if elected.

We hope all voters will take advantage of the available resources at hand to be as informed as possible before going to the polls.

— The Oxford Eagle