Leave the clown costumes at home

Published 11:02 am Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enough with the clowns already.

For the past couple weeks, creepy clowns have terrorized parts of America. They’ve been sighted all over the country, but thankfully not here.

Two women dressed as clowns were arrested in Detroit after terrorizing two teen girls recently. Roseville Police said Jaime Salinis and Elandra Sledge, both 18, dressed as clowns Thursday and jumped out of a car to chase two 14-year-old girls, USA Today reported.

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Similar instances have occurred elsewhere.

“On Tuesday, a person dressed as a clown approached a 7-year-old boy who was playing in Sterling Heights, grabbed the boy’s arm and laid what was believed to be a plastic butter knife across it. The knife scratched the boy’s arm and the clown ran away,” the newspaper reported.

Here in Brookhaven, Police Chief Bobby Bell has one simple request: Don’t dress as a clown for Halloween.

“I have some concerns,” Bell said. “My concern is about Halloween, and the clown thing. I want to see if you would encourage the community not to dress their kids up as clowns, and not to buy clown outfits this year. We have so much going on, and we have so many kids around here that’s already afraid of the clowns, we don’t want to add to it.”

That’s good advice. Maybe this year, instead of a clown, just try a friendly ghost or witch or monster costume or any of the hundreds of other options. Anything but a clown.