America greater than race suggests

Published 5:55 pm Saturday, October 29, 2016

Can we just skip this presidential election business? Do we really need a Leader of The Free World?

With Friday’s news that the FBI will investigate whether there is classified information in newly discovered emails related to its probe of Hillary Clinton’s private server, many of us just want this disaster of a campaign season to end.

Americans are simply at the end of our collective rope when it comes to this election season.

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If it’s not Clinton’s ongoing email issue, it’s Donald Trump being accused of sexually assaulting another woman. The list of controversies and bad behavior in this race has grown beyond what anyone could have predicted.

We expect politics to be ugly, but by nominating two of the most unliked and unqualified presidential hopefuls, we only have ourselves to blame for the dumpster fire that this race has become.

But here’s the good news. Nov. 9 is only 10 days away and on that glorious Wednesday, all of this mess will be behind us — we hope.

There’s the chance that the loser refuses to concede, that lawsuits are filed over voter fraud allegations and this mess will grind on past Election Day. Let’s hope and pray that’s not the case.

America has been through a lot in its storied history and, in general, has been resilient enough to always bounce back. Though it feels like the country is being torn apart, we believe the forces that hold us together are stronger than any division this election season has opened.

We will survive this, we will be strong again. America is great, not because of the presidents who have led it, but because of the people who call it home. A disastrous campaign season won’t change that.