Police and sheriff reports

Published 5:51 pm Saturday, October 29, 2016

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Thursday were as follows:

• Public assist on Dixie Road

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• Theft on Union Street

• Traffic stop on Union Street Extended

• Burglary on Jada Trail

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

• Threats on Old Wesson Road

• Alarm on Brookhaven Street

• Disturbance on Rogers Circle

• Traffic stop on Natchez Street/Oakhill

• Burglary on Independence Street

• Assault on Rogers Circle

• Trespassing on East Monticello Street

• Robbery on Mccormick Court

• Threats on South First Street

• Fire on Hillcrest Drive

• Medical problem on North Jackson Street

• Animal control on Livingston Road

• Traffic accident on Stribling Road

• Traffic stop on Hwy. 51 South

• Fraud on Old Wesson Road

• Intoxicated driver on Hwy. 583

• Traffic accident on North Jackson Street

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic accident on South First Street

• Traffic accident on Hwy. 51 North

• Disturbance on Hwy. 51 North

• Traffic stop on Big Land Drive

• Traffic stop on Old Wesson Road

• Traffic stop on Dale Trail/South First Street

• Threats on Hwy. 51 North

• Traffic stop on Oliver Drive/Zetus Road

• Intoxicated subject on East Monticello Street

• Alarm on West Monticello Street

• Threats on Hwy. 51 North

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on Whitworth Avenue

• Traffic stop on West Minnesota Street/South Jackson Street

• Public assist on Hwy. 84

• Traffic stop on West Monticello Street

• Discharging firearm on Martin Luther King Drive

• Suspicious activity on Charlie Lane

• Stolen vehicle on Hwy. 51 South

• Disturbance on Union Street

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

• Theft on Hwy. 51 North

• Medical problem on Hwy. 51 South

Sheriff reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports for Thursday were as follows:

• Repo on New Sight Drive Northeast

• Traffic accident on Hwy. 550/Macedonia

• Funeral escort on Hwy. 550/Jackson Liberty

• Unlock on East Lincoln Road

• Lost or stolen tag on Hwy. 550 Northwest

• Escort at State Bank

• Security escort on Sammy Trail Southeast

• Medical assistance on Bethel Road

• Burglar alarm on Nola Road Northeast

• Suspicious vehicle on Old Malcum Road Northeast

• Prowler on Hilltop Lane Northwest

• Suspicious person on Hwy. 51 North/Williams Lake

• Suspicious vehicle on Katie Trail Southeast/Richardson Lane