Waste Pro will stay on regular pickup for Christmas

Published 7:28 am Sunday, December 25, 2016

After the tornado of wrapping paper and bows has settled down this morning, the question becomes — what do you do with all this trash?

Waste Pro will be running trucks on the regular schedule this week, which means two routes in the city if you normally get trash pickup twice a week, and once in the county, said division manager John Gibson.

He’s expecting the loads will be a lot larger than usual.

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“We’re going to pick up as much as possible,” he said.

Residents with pickup twice a week are encouraged not to put all their garbage at the curb for the first pickup. Because of volume limits set in the city’s and county’s contracts, it may not all get picked up on the first run, he said. Gibson advises residents to divide their garbage up between the two pickups.

In the county, residents who only get one pickup may have to hold back some of their trash until the following week.

Recycling in the city will continue as usual. Christmas trees to be recycled can be placed at the curb in the city. The county does not have a recycling clause in its contract with Waste Pro.

What type of trash that ends up at the road could be more important than how much is left on the curb, said Brookhaven Police Chief Bobby Bell.

He encourages residents to dispose of their boxes responsibly, especially for big ticket items like wide-screen televisions.

“It’s always smart to tear the boxes down so people won’t know what you’ve got in your house,” he said.

Boxes at the curb on Christmas morning can advertise to a thief what the best hauls for a crook would be. “You don’t want to put out what you got for Christmas. That’s one thing criminals look for,” he said.