Police and sheriff reports

Published 12:57 pm Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Monday were as follows:

• Traffic stop on South Railroad Avenue

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• Medical problem on Minnesota Street

• Unauthorized use on Union Street

• Intoxicated subject on East Chippewa Street

• Harassment on Union Street Extension

• Debris road hazard on South Church Street

• Debris road hazard on Virginia Avenue

• Debris road hazard on North Jackson Street

• Debris road hazard on Ripley Road

• Shoplifter on Brookway Boulevard

• Suspected na rcotics activity on Josephine Street

• Disturbance on South Whitworth Avenue

• Shooting on Williams Street

• Intoxicated subject on Robertson Street

• Vandalism on Manufactures Boulevard

• Disturbance on North Street Drive

• Vehicle road hazard on Old Wesson Road

• Disturbance on Fulton Street

• Vehicle accident on Hwy. 51 North

• Disturbance on Hall Street

• Loud music on West Meadowbrook Drive

Sheriff reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports for Monday were as follows:

• Extra patrol on Roberts Lane

• Suspicious vehicle on Big Creek Drive

• Traffic accident on Cowart Lane

• Burglary alarm on Pricedale Drive

• Lost or stolen tag on Coppertown Road

• Traffic accident Hwy. 84 West

• Transport from the crisis center to the chancery

• Suspicious vehicle on Watts Lane

• Burglary alarm Ruth Drive

• Repo on Hwy. 51 Southeast

• Burglary alarm on Earls Trail

• Medical assistance on Pennington Street

• Medical assistance on Quitman Lane

• Traffic accident on Hwy. 84 East

• Transport from jail to King’s Daughters Medical Center

• Medical assistance on Old St. John Road

• Transport from KDMC to jail

• Repo on Old St. John Road

• Burglary alarm on Smith Lake Road

• Vandalism on Hog Chain Drive

• Vandalism on Jordan Drive

• Traffic accident on Hwy. 84 West

• Direct traffic on Hwy. 51 North/Forrest Trail

• Traffic accident on I-55 South

• Disturbance on Jackson Liberty Drive

• Burglary alarm on Watts Lane

• Burglary alarm on Old Malcum Road.

• Stranded complaint on I-55 South

• Suspicious vehicle on Denton Trail

• Suspicious vehicle on Enterprise Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Pearlie Drive

• Burglary alarm on Salem Lane

• Burglary alarm on Falvey Road

• Livestock on road on Mallalieu Drive

• Suspicious vehicle on Durr-Case Lane

• Suspicious vehicle on Rogers Lane

• Suspicious vehicle on Dunn-Ratcliff Road

• Suspicious vehicle on Wind Mill Drive

• Fire on Mt. Zion Road

• Medical assistance on Russell Lane.