My Turn: Where is outrage against Obama?

Published 12:56 pm Friday, January 6, 2017

In response to your opinion article in last Thursday’s paper, I believe you owe Representative Becky Currie an apology for calling her a hypocrite reference her tweet about Obama’s actions against Russia in response to alleged hacking of the DNC.

It is very apparent that you are not a fan of Republicans and especially President elect Trump by the political cartoons published against the RNC and your anti Trump opinion column in The Daily Leader.

To back up Ms. Currie’s position, there are numerous news articles that state that there’s no consensus that Russian operatives were even behind the hack and if they were, it did not influence the outcome of the election. Watch Fox News. The information that came out of the DNC hacks only verified that the DNC is a corrupt organization and Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were behind numerous pay for play criminal activities along with her staff trying to influence the election.

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The Democrats lost because they had a terrible candidate and not because of exposed emails. Also, there is no proof that any voting machines were hacked due to they are not on the internet. If the POTUS wanted to take a hard line stance against hacking then why didn’t he take any action against the Chinese for numerous hacks on the military and government systems. These are far more serious to the U.S. security than hacks into the DNC network to make public the secrets of HRC and her staff.

I ask you, based on this last minute political response by Obama and not what’s been happening with hacking during the past eight years, who is the real hypocrite Mr. Horton? Oh, and do you think Obama would have taken this action if Hillary would have won the election? The answer is no just like he hasn’t done anything before. That’s the definition of hypocrisy.

Where is your outrage against Obama is for turning his back on Israel, God’s chosen people, by not vetoing the UN’s latest attempt to undermine Israel and the balance of power in the Middle East. During his eight years in office, Obama has back-stabbed Israel and supported her enemies in the region. Obama’s lack of foreign policy has created a vacuum of leadership in the region and thus the rise of ISIS and other radical Islamic groups that are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Now we are dealing with a nuclear capable Iran that hates both Christians and Jews. Does this not concern you enough to write something about it in your opinion articles?

Mr. Obama has less than 14 days in office and he continues to act through executive actions to make a mess of U.S. national policy for the incoming president. Give Putin credit for not reacting to Obama’s foolish and childish last minute actions and waiting for President Trump to take office before dealing with this issue.

I’ve read your opinion in Sunday’s paper about Trump’s faith or lack of faith in God. So in your opinion, we have elected a non-Christian for our president? So do you really believe that Obama was or Hillary would have been a better Christian choice for the office? Ask the question about who strongly supports gay marriage, transgender rights, abortion or religious freedom. It’s the Democrats and Obama has proven this over the past eight years!

You really need to read the DNC and RNC platform and become better educated about what both groups stand for when it comes to Christian morals and values and then ask yourself what side better fits your beliefs as a conservative Christian. Trump is a flawed candidate but he stands on the same side as most Christians in what he, as a Republican president, is supporting.

One of your new year’s resolutions was to “work to get more positive news”, so what if you would have written that President Trump needs our prayers as he takes office and focused on the positives that he can bring to this nation. Listen to American Family Radio and you will see they are excited about President Trump coming on board and Obama leaving. These are strong Christian leaders and I respect their opinions about the matter.

The Bible says that we are known by our fruit, so I agree in your assessment of Mr. Trump’s personal issues but I’ve never seen you write any derogative articles about the current president and the Democratic Party. Their “fruits” are definitely not in the Bible and in fact, the Democratic Party makes it a priority to go against Christians, our morals and our beliefs.

You say we need a leader that is wise to seek Christian counsel. Well Mr. Horton, I believe that Trump has shown by his choice of Pence, Carson and others that he is seeking Godly counsel. Stop your personal attacks, one-sided criticism and judgment of the Republican Party and start writing about positive things that your community wants to hear about.

Look at how Brookhaven and Lincoln County voted. We wanted change as a nation and Trump and the Republicans won. America desires and needs great leadership, someone that loves this country and wants to see it succeed. I pray that God will see fit to bless our great nation and Make America Great Again. Hopefully you folks in the news media will get on board also.

Craig Weaver