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Arrest reports

The Lincoln County Jail Docket for Friday-Monday was as follows:

• Montreal D. Chatman, 05/30/1985 of 1224 Union St. Lot 3, arrested for possession of an open beer by BPD

• Marla D. Duck, 03/01/1988 of 4252 SE Hwy. 569 in Liberty, arrested for parole violation by Mississippi Department of Corrections

• Christopher Buitt, 09/24/1984 of 2016 Cold Springs, arrested for possession of a weapon by convicted felon, possession of three controlled substances and possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle by LCSO

• Jerry G. Burns, 09/12/1995 of 0661 Russell Lane, arrested for failure to comply with request by BPD

• Jamin D. Conrad, 09/20/1994 of 0436 Doolittle Lane in Bogue Chitto, arrested for disorderly conduct/breach of peace by BPD

• Nathaniel Fauver, 04/08/1996 of 882 NE McCall Creek Rd. in McCall Creek, arrested for disorderly conduct breach of peace by BPD

• Julia E. Haynes, 02/14/1997 of 907 Sydney Trail, arrested for burglary of dwelling (house) by LCSO

• Benjamin L. Jackson, 02/28/1992 of 106 Cedar in Flora, arrested for disorderly conduct/breach of peace and resisting arrest by BPD

• Shadana Lilly, 12/01/1997 of 1075 Brookway Blvd., arrested for  burglary of dwelling (house) by LCSO

• Jamie Robinson, 01/18/1989 of 1049 Sid Nash Rd. in Summit,  serving weekends at LCSO

• Hilary N. Davidson, 02/08/1992 of 6194 Gibson Rd. in Hattiesburg, serving weekends at LCSO

• Isaias Juarez, 12/19/1990 of 1009 Duff Cemetery Rd., serving weekends at LCSO

• Christine Manning, 12/16/1979 of 1411 Jackson Liberty Rd., arrested for possession of open beer by BPD

• George A. Skipworth, 11/01/1972 of 3910 Old Brandon Rf., arrested for public drunk by BPD

• James E. Hill, 04/08/1981 of 530 Fern Ln., arrested for expired drivers license, speeding, and no proof of liability insurance by BPD

• Merton C. Parrow, 07/28/1989 of 918 Union St., arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession/carrying a concealed weapon and contempt of court-city by LCSO

• Johnathan T. Rushing, 11/10/1993 of 1007 SE Hwy. 583, arrested for aggravated assault domestic violence by LCSO

Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.