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Police, Sheriff’s reports

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Monday were as follows:

• Robbery on Shadyside Street

• Disturbance on Penn Street

• Assault on Gleason Loop

• Attempted burglary on West Congress Street

• Traffic accident on Hwy. 84

• Vandalism on East Monticello Street

• Traffic accident on Larkspur Street

• Counterfeit money on Brookway Boulevard

• Fight on Union Street

• Extra patrol on Charlie Lane

• Disturbance on East Chickasaw Street

• Disturbance on Sandalwood Trail

• Fraud on Hwy. 51 North

• Vehicle accident on Hwy. 51 North

• Theft on East Monticello Street

• Traffic stop on Natchez Avenue

• Animal control on Georgia Avenue

• Suspicious person on Industrial Park Road

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on Hwy. 51 South

• Traffic stop on West Monticello Street

• Disturbance on Union Street

Sheriff reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports for Monday were as follows:

• Transport from the crisis center to Whitfield

• Burglary alarm on Smith Lake Road

• Transport from the parking lot to the crisis center

• Medical assistance on Topisaw Drive

• Animal cruelty on New Sight Drive

• Transport from the crisis cent to the chancery

• Burglary alarm on Jackson Liberty Drive

• Transport to Crawford Lane

• Burglary alarm on Hwy. 84 East

• Extra patrol on California Road

• Improperly park on Hwy. 51 Northeast

• Burglary alarm on Duncan Trail

• Repo on Bouie Mill Road

• Suspicious person on Jackson Liberty Road and Morman Trail