It really is the little things

Published 10:29 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I admit it. Some actions or behaviors get deeply under my skin and I let them bother me.

One of those behaviors is the complete inability to use or indifference toward using a turn signal.

When you’re waiting to pull into a street because another vehicle is coming, only for that vehicle to turn off the street at the last moment — having never used a turn signal — it’s a bit aggravating.

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Coming across a vehicle stopped in the road can bring about a variety of responses. What if something is wrong with their vehicle? Or their health? Then they turn and sometimes act like other people were foolish not to know their hidden intentions.

I waited today behind a brand new Mercedes SUV — it still had the dealer’s tag on it — as it sat idly in the middle of an intersection. Finally, it turned left. Amazing that brand new luxury vehicles don’t include turn signals.

Another behavior that burns my biscuits, so to speak, is people parking in the fire zones or other no parking areas in front of businesses.

Example 1: Little Caesars pizza in Brookhaven. Nevermind the more than 80 parking spaces in front of the place. Yes, I counted. No matter if most are empty. “I want a pepperoni Hot-N-Ready so I’m parking in front of the door,” seems to be the general concensus.

Someone’s already parked there? No problem. I’ll just get in line behind them, all the way down to Fred’s, three stores away.

You could park halfway out in the lot and be closer than that, people.

Just park in a legal spot and walk in like a respectable, law-abiding person.

Example 2: Dollar Tree. A man had a trailer behind his truck and had only about a dozen options for where to park to go in just before closing. So he parked in front of the door.

Add to this that the truck was clearly identified as belonging to a local church, and you can cause people who are irritated by such things to avoid your church by the your behavior.

Why do people do this? Is it because they think they are special and somehow deserve something better than the average?

Do we really have entitlement issues over parking and using blinkers?

Why do these behaviors bother me so? I’m not certain. Why don’t they bother the people doing them? That’s my question.

Maybe it’s silly. But …

Want to know why your kids have no respect for authority? It starts with the little things.

Not saying “please” or “thank you.” Not holding a door for someone, even if they don’t want it. Not respecting authority.

Not using a turn signal. Parking where the law says you shouldn’t.

It’s the little things.

Little things like venomous spiders and poisoned needles and splitting atoms can cause great harm. Little things like kind words, an offered hand or a cup of cold water can do great good.

So mind the little things.

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