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Board will see several new faces

Democrat Shannon Moore is humbled to be chosen as alderman for Ward 2.

Moore ended Tuesday night’s primaries with 214 votes, beating his opponents Vernastine Byrd, who had 85 votes, and Danny “Blackfoot” Chatman, who finished with 73.

With no Republican running in the race, Moore can rest easy on the general election night on June 6.

Moore is ready for the challenge and is very thankful for those who have supported him, he said. “I want to express my heartfelt thoughts to the voters of Ward 2 for making me their alderman. I am honored and humbled that you have placed such trust in me,” he said. “It has been so inspiring for me to meet so many new and longtime residents during my campaign. The support I felt on election day was incredible. I will work tirelessly on your behalf to help address any problems or concerns.”

Several candidates won their primaries and will now face new challengers in general election.

Ward 3

Incumbent Mary H. Wilson is seeking her fourth full term as alderwoman of Ward 3.

She’s one step closer to achieving that goal by winning the Democratic primary on Tuesday. She finished the night with 313 votes and her opponent David Holloway finished with 118.

“I want to thank the Lord and all of the voters in Ward 3 that came out to vote and support me. I want and need them to come back out one more time on June 6,” Wilson said.

Her opponent on June 6 will be LaMareo “Big Moe” Brown who is running as an independent.

Ward 6

One of the most interesting races of the night was the Ward 6 Democratic primary between David McCoy and Andre Spiller.

McCoy earned 127 votes to Spiller’s 122. The Secretary of State’s office researched it and decided the win would go to McCoy.

“I look forward to the general election,” said McCoy Wednesday.

McCoy will face Gene Buckles who won the Republican primary with 111 votes. Shelley Harrigill and Harold Rowe are running as independents in the general election.


It was a big night for Marilyn Dow-Harris, who won the Democratic primary for alderwoman-at-large Tuesday.

She didn’t face a challenger on the Democratic side, but received 1,514 votes, which was the most of any candidate in any race last night.

“Last night’s win, I believe the people really showed up and used their voice,” she said. “With my campaign being about Brookhaven today, tomorrow and the next generation, I believe that worked out in my favor. The Lord blessed us with some beautiful weather and people showed up. I was pleased with the total votes I received and right now we are strategizing what our next step is for the general election on June 6.

She will face incumbent Karen Sullivan, who won the Republican primary.

Sullivan defeated Troy Douglas in the Republican primary, earning 1,028 votes to Douglas’ 309. She has currently served two four-year terms.

“I am very humbled and honored to receive the Republican nomination for alderwoman-at-large,” she said. “I deeply appreciate every vote I got in all six wards that I serve. I am looking forward to working hard for the general election coming up on June 6.

Precinct breakdown

The following is a breakdown by precinct of the races for mayor, police chief, aldermen and alderman-at-large as well as the individuals selected for the Democratic and Republican Executive Committees:


Ward 1: Joe Cox, 9; John Roberts Jr., 10; David Smith, 385

Ward 2: Cox, 43; Roberts, 9; Smith, 309

Ward 3: Cox, 75; Roberts, 19; Smith, 384

Ward 4: Cox, 650; Roberts, 230; Smith, 24

Ward 5: Cox, 222; Roberts, 69; Smith, 79

Ward 6: Cox, 112; Roberts, 43; Smith, 219

Police chief

Ward 1: Randy Belcher, 95; Bobby Bell, 94; Kenneth Collins, 242; Jason Gaskin, 18

Ward 2: Belcher, 52; Bell, 105; Collins, 219; Gaskin, 45

Ward 3: Belcher, 56; Bell, 161; Collins, 229; Gaskin, 87

Ward 4: Belcher, 11; Bell, 11; Collins, 12; Gaskin, 767

Ward 5: Belcher, 23; Bell, 23; Collins, 52; Gaskin, 257

Ward 6: Belcher, 32; Bell, 93; Collins, 130; Gaskin, 139


Ward 1: Dorsey Cameron, 249; Elisa Corley Jr., 180

Ward 2: Vernastine Byrd, 86; Danny “Black Foot” Chatman, 73; Shannon Moore, 214

Ward 3: David Holloway, 11; Mary H. Wilson, 313

Ward 4: Jason Snider, 622; Rusty Yates, 255

Ward 5: Fletcher Grice, 281

Ward 6: David McCoy, 127; Andre’ D. Spiller, 122; Gene Buckles, 116


Ward 1: Marilyn  Dow-Harris, 406; Douglas, 4; Karen Sullivan, 14;

Ward 2: Dow-Harris, 339; Douglas, 17

Ward 3: Dow-Harris, 418; Douglas, 20; Sullivan, 72

Ward 4: Dow-Harris, 24; Douglas, 199; Sullivan, 663

Ward 5: Dow-Harris, 88; Douglas, 72; Sullivan, 211

Ward 6: Dow-Harris, 239; Douglas, 38; Sullivan, 116; McCoy, 127

Democratic Executive Committee

Ralph C. Bryant, 953; Fannie S. Diggs, 1,012; Patricia A. Dow, 1,066; Willie Harrison, 1,045; B. Williams Howard, 1,068; Annie Marie Johnson, 938; Dorothy T. Quinn, 1,079; Willie B. Smith, 1,026; C. Lee Williams Jr., 917

Republican Executive Committee

Kathy Behan, 1,253; Rob Fisher, 1,259; Cindy Moore, 1,215; Amy Valentine, 1,235; Dennis Valentine, 1,239; Sandy Winborne, 1,251