Hugh Freeze is tired of your questions

Published 7:01 pm Thursday, May 18, 2017

As an Ole Miss alum, it’s really hard to not sound biased about the place I spent three years of my life at and the place where I received my journalism degree.

As a journalism major, especially someone interested in sports, you are taught not to cover the team you root for or have any biases or preconceived notions about the team or school you cover.

Being the sports editor for The Daily Mississippian at Ole Miss for two years, it was hard to prognosticate where Ole Miss football would be in the future under Hugh Freeze.

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I’ve seen two New Year’s Six bowl appearances, including one win in the Sugar Bowl.

That quickly turned into an ongoing NCAA investigation into the Ole Miss football program and head coach Hugh Freeze being the main one under the microscope.

Wednesday afternoon, Freeze met with local reporters while playing golf at the Regions Tradition Championship at the Greyston Golf and Country Club in Alabama. He was asked point blank if he and the program are ready to finish business with the NCAA.

“Nah,” Freeze said and abruptly walked away from the group of reporters.

Freeze has kept on the low ever since the self-imposed sanctions came down in February from athletic director Ross Bjork, as he has stayed away from the cameras and interviews since.

Freeze is an advent golfer and fisher and likes to spend his off-seasons doing just that and spending time with his family.

This was one of the few times the Rebel head coach has been asked about the NCAA investigation since the sanctions came out, but he’s already tired of the questions.

It baffles me that Hugh Freeze refused to answer the question about the investigation. It’s the middle of May and sports reporters need something to write and report about.

It was a valid question that Freeze hasn’t talked a lot about to the media.

He had to know this question was coming at some point, right?

The process of the investigation is nearing a conclusion, so maybe the timing of the question bothered Freeze, but it should be a question worth answering.

The response from the NCAA should be coming within the next month or two, so Freeze should stop hearing that question soon.

Until then, those questions won’t stop.

The golf tournament took place in the middle of Crimson Tide land and with SEC Media Days coming in less then two months, more questions will be asked.

If Freeze is tired of the NCAA questions now, just wait until SEC Media Days.

The situation with Freeze has been drown out and dissected by every media outlet possible, and Freeze got a taste of what it’s like answering those questions Wednesday.

The bowl ban has been handed down and the 21 allegations from the NCAA were released.

Freeze should’ve known the question was eventually coming, but good for him wanting to move on.

“Nah.” The only response Freeze could give.

Dylan Rubino is the sports editor for The Daily Leader. He can be reached at