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‘Dumpster Days’ saw great results

Here is a quick summary of the 2017 Lincoln County Dumpster Days. Thanks to the people of Lincoln County who took the time to properly get rid of old household debris at the dumpster sites at the five different locations during April and May of this year.

• A total of 364.05 tons of debris was collected. Many old TVs, computers, couches and leftover do-it-yourself home improvement projects including old wood, shingles, and similar items made up most of the trash, with just one old boat this year.

• 31.38 tons of white goods such as old appliances, air conditioners, stoves and refrigerators.

• A total of 4,655 old tires were collected.

Everything that could be recycled will be kept out of the city dump with the remainder being properly being disposed of at the landfill. The entire process went very smoothly with people being very cooperative and putting debris in or near the dumpsters. They were very patient while waiting to unload their items and kept the area clean.

Thanks to everyone who helped clean up our county and to the landowners who graciously let us use the space for the dumpster. Please thank your district supervisors for their support and being able to fund this event for past 17 years.

We hope to have a “Household Hazardous Waste Day” next year just prior to the Dumpster Day events. With budget constraints this year, we were unable to have a special day for collecting hazardous materials, but please store any of these kind of materials in a safe place for disposal in the spring of next year where they can then be properly collected and removed for disposal.

Homer Richardson — Keep Lincoln County Clean Board