Brookhaven’s first baby cafe’ opens at KDMC

Published 9:21 pm Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A baby cafe’ isn’t a place for infants to hang out and drink coffee. Instead it’s a comfortable place for mothers to learn about the physical and psychological benefits of breastfeeding their babies.

King’s Daughters Medical Center and Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library officially opened the first Circle of Moms Baby cafe’ in Brookhaven Tuesday. Several mothers brought their babies to meet other moms. The program promotes the physical and psychological health of mothers and children through education and lactation assistance.

“It’s so exciting to see all of these babies here,” Jacinda Roach of the Mississippi Public Health Institute said. “I can’t wait for moms to start using these valuable resources.”

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The Baby Cafe’ is a free resource for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to get support from specifically-trained staff and to share experiences with other moms. The program will offere support for all stages of breastfeeding in a non-clinical, cafe’-style environment where parents can chat and learn about breastfeeding from skilled practitioners and each other.

“We knew what the benefits of breastfeeding to babies were, for mothers it helps prevent breast cancer, diabetes and ovarian cancer. The benefits are tremendous for the mother, the longer they exclusively breast feed,” said Angie Williamson, a nurse supervisor in KDMC’s labor and delivery department.

There will be two Baby Cafe’s in Brookhaven that are free and open to the public. One at KDMC’s Education Annex will be open on the first and third Thursdays each month from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The other will be at the Brookhaven Public Library on the second Tuesdays each month from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the fourth Tuesday from 4-6 p.m.

“This is getting KDMC more involved in the community,” said Williamson. “People think they just come to the hospital when they’re sick. This will be a thing that will make us more accessible to people and make them more comfortable coming to the hospital.”

King’s Daughters is working on a designation as a “baby friendly hospital.” Currently the only hospital with baby-friendly status is in Hattiesburg.

Creating a baby cafe’ is one of the five steps a hospital must complete to be considered baby friendly. KDMC is on the third step and hopes to reach the fourth step by the fall.

“We are the second baby cafe’ in the state,” said Williamson.

Refreshments, comfortable seating and open-forum discussion will be offered each week. For more information, contact the Circle of Moms Baby Cafe’ at 601-748-4186, email or visit