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Brookhaven School District moving to online registrations

InfoSnap is the future for registering Brookhaven students.

“It’s a new program for online registration,” said Rod Henderson, deputy superintendent for the Brookhaven School District. “It’s going to be much more convenient for parents to register their kids.”

InfoSnap will also save money and time for the BSD office.

“It takes a lot of money for the district to put together packets, so we’re hoping if we get more people to go online, it will save the BSD money and time without having to fill out all of the paperwork,” Henderson said.

BSD held its annual One Stop Shop event at Lipsey Middle School July 19-20.

Henderson encourages parents who missed the event to go online to register their children.

“We’ve had over 500 parents register their kids online so far. We’re working toward being able to do this full time at some point,” Henderson said. “We’re hoping to open registration early in June next year, where parents will have the entire summer to be able to pick up their InfoSnap code and be able to register online.”

“The main thing we need parents to understand is to have the proper paperwork ready when registering, such as proof of residency, doctor and insurance information and correct address,” Henderson said.

The next school board meeting is on Aug. 22 at 6 p.m.