Economic group scores state legislators

Published 9:32 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2017

An organization promoting economic prosperity recently graded Mississippi legislators and Lincoln County’s all passed.

In fact, the three Republicans from Brookhaven — Sen. Sally Doty, Rep. Becky Currie and Rep. Vince Mangold — were graded above average.

Americans for Prosperity Mississippi is an organization that fights for economic freedom and stands for pro-business solutions, according to its website. It’s 2017 economic freedom scorecard is designed to inform the public on how their local senators and representatives voted on particular bills.

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Doty and Currie each received an A on the scorecard for 2017 and a lifetime score of an A.

“I appreciate this recognition by the AFP,” Doty said. “Their goals and policies line up precisely with the majority of my voters.”

Currie said she is proud of her score with the AFP.

“It is a true score for conservatives serving in the legislature. I’m very thankful for AFP recognizing true conservative values,” she said.

Mangold received a B on the scorecard for 2017 and a lifetime score of a B as well.

According to AFP Mississippi, selected bills were scored consistent with the principles of the AFP Mississippi Growth Project. These conservative principles include lower taxes, less government spending and more freedom to citizens.

AFP Mississippi scored 37 votes on bills in the Mississippi House of Representatives and 27 votes on bills in the Mississippi Senate. They scored nearly 6,000 individual votes.

For each vote that lined up with AFP values, legislators received one point. For every vote that did not, legislators received 0 points. For every every absent or abstaining vote, they received 0.5 points.

They had a 10 point grading scale. Legislators who received an A were considered a “Champion of Freedom.” Those who received a B were considered a “Friend of Freedom.”

Several legislators received Cs, Ds and even Fs.

Mangold, a self-employed farmer, began in the Legislature in 2016. He is vice chair of the agriculture committee and also serves on several other committees. He represents District 53 — Lincoln, Lawrence, Pike, Jefferson Davis and Franklin counties.

Currie, a registered nurse, began in the Legislature in 2008. She is chair of the tourism committee and servers on several others. She represents District 92 — Lincoln, Copiah and Lawrence counties.

Doty, an attorney, has been in the Legislature since 2012. She is the elections chair and Division A judiciary vice chair. She serves on several other committees as well. Doty serves District 39 — Lincoln, Walthall, Lawrence and Copiah counties.

Sally Doty

Becky Currie

Vince Mangold