Overwhelmed by the kindness of a stranger

Published 5:18 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I was overwhelmed and brought to tears by the kindness of a stranger today.

The Wal-Mart mobile scooter basket was full as I headed through the exit door. A young man stepped beside me and asked if he could return the scooter to the store.

Supposing he was a Wal-Mart employee, I said, “Sure.”

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As he walked beside me to the car, I noticed he was wearing a bright green T-shirt, not a blue one like the employees wear.

He lifted the trunk lid and loaded my items. I said, “That’s so very nice of you to do this,” to which he replied, “Wouldn’t it be a better world if we were all kind to one another?” His smile was beautiful and his manner gracious.

We chatted for a friendly moment and I told him of the elevator fall that hindered my activeness and that only a month ago we learned of my husband’s illness, telling him I had already had a good cry about it before coming to the store.

He listened sympathetically giving me his total attention.

When I tried to tip him, he just said, “No, ma’am, just hop on up into your car.”

Yes, I was overwhelmed by his kindness and his broad smile and helpfulness!

People who put Mississippi down and have race relation problems need to come to Brookhaven and observe such kindness as is shared in our small town.

On the way home, tears filled my eyes again as I was reminded of God’s love and care and the assurance that no matter the circumstance He will always provide gentle help and kindness to me as long as I live.

And thank you J.P. again for your concern. May your kindness be returned to you 1,000 times over.

Joyce Sandifer