Title grants used for various Brookhaven School District programs

Published 11:41 pm Friday, October 27, 2017

The Brookhaven School Board approved the Mississippi Comprehensive Automated Performance System plan at a meeting held Thursday.

Rob McCreary, federal programs director for the Brookhaven School District, is in charge of putting the plan together.

“This is a plan of how we use all of our money from the federal government,” said McCreary. “We get Title I, Title II and Title IV grants. We submit to the state on how we’re going to spend the money.”

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He said Title I grants are designated to go toward programs such as supplies, computers and teacher salaries.

“Title II can go toward several things. We choose to put ours into professional development.” said McCreary. “Our Title 4 grants go into ‘Safe and Healthy are used for the ‘Safe and Healthy Schools’ program and plans that enhance a well-rounded education and college-ready courses. We’re trying to get kids ready for the next level.”

He said they also use some of the Title IV grants to provide technology instruction to teachers so they can become more tech savvy in the classroom.

“This is my first year doing this and everything went smoothly. It’s just a lot of tedious work, but we come up with a plan with our parents and staff and how we want to spend the money based on the needs of the students,” said McCreary.

Brookhaven Elementary School students performed for the board on Thursday. Students sang the “Star Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful” and “This Is Your Land.”

The next board meeting will be on Nov. 28 at 6 p.m.