Clint’s Pharmacy in Brookhaven to open walk-in clinic Dec. 3

Published 9:39 pm Monday, November 13, 2017

Looking to capitalize on a growing trend in local healthcare, Clint’s Pharmacy is opening a walk-in clinic Dec. 3.

Healthcare continues to be one of America’s fastest growing industries, and its constant expansion is based on one simple fact — people get sick.

Local druggist Clint Bane is well familiar with the pharmaceutical side of patient care, and, after serious consideration, he has decided to offer his customers a broader slate of health services.

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Clint’s Pharmacy opened its doors for the first time in 2009, and — as the business matured — Bane decided to expand into patient treatment, hoping to keep up with Brookhaven’s movement towards smaller healthcare facilities.

“I was going to open it up when I first built the store, but, at the time, I didn’t feel like I needed to bite that big of a bullet,” he said.

The timing finally felt right a year ago, and Bane focused on getting the clinic up and running. Now, after many months of preparation, the new business is ready to open.

According to Bane, the clinic will provide people with quality care for all their non-emergency medical needs.

“We’ll be doing walk-in care, urgent care and continuing care,” he said. “People of all ages can come seek treatment.”

Two nurse practitioners will run the clinic in lieu of an MD, and a team of nurses will assist them.

Bane believes more people opt to visit walk-in health centers, because dropping by a small clinic is often more practical for patients than making an appointment at a larger facility.

“There’s a big need for it,” he said. “It’s kind of the going thing now.”

With existing establishments like Loving Hands Medical Clinic, King’s Daughters Medical Center, the clinic at Guy’s Ole Brook Pharmacy and Southern Primary Care, the clinic at Clint’s Pharmacy wants to stake its claim on Brookhaven’s rapidly developing medical landscape by offering exceptional patient care.

Customers familiar with the level of service at Clint’s can expect similar treatment from the staff at the new clinic, he said.

“I hope that people will be greeted with a smile by a pleasant group of employees,” Bane said.

Story by Trapper Kinchen