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Wish Trees are up around city of Brookhaven

The Junior Auxiliary of Brookhaven hopes all the ornaments disappear from their wish trees.

That means that more than 250 children will be “adopted” for the holiday season. Gifts should be turned in no later than Dec. 5 at C Spire on Brookway Boulevard, the Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce on South Whitworth Avenue and Betsy Smith Properties on Hwy. 51.

“Each year, the community comes together to help make sure children in Lincoln County have a merry Christmas through the Wish Tree project,” said Junior Auxiliary Wish Tree 2017 Co-chair Sheila Sartin. “Year after year, the project shows the importance of community support as trees go up and more than 250 underprivileged children are ‘adopted’ by Brookhaven and Lincoln County’s residents.’

This year, trees around Brookhaven started out with about 250 ornaments, several of which still hang on trees throughout town, waiting for the community to choose them.

Anyone still interested in choosing a child to shop for can find the wish trees at C Spire, Brookhaven-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, King’s Daughters Medical Center lobby and both Piggly Wiggly locations.

Each of the ornaments gives the necessary information about the child, including age, clothing, shoe sizes and a few interests. Shoppers are asked to purchase three toys, two outfits, shoes, socks and underwear. The toys should be chosen as good, better and best for each child. Brookhaven dentists Dr. Joey Sessums and Dr. Nic Belk provide toothbrushes and toothpaste to add to each child’s gift box, Sartin said.

Children — age 3 to 12 — are recommended based on need, as determined by a confidential referral system assisted by the public schools and community agencies. The 2017 referral process has been completed, and additional referrals are unable to be accepted for this holiday season.

For those who choose not to adopt a child, JA welcomes donations of toys, bikes and money. For more information, call the Wish Tree Hotline at 601-754-4319, email jabrookhaven@gmail.com, visit the group’s Facebook page or contact them on Instagram at JAofBrookhaven.

“We are so grateful to 30 years of continued support for this project from the community,” Sartin said. “Without the help from businesses, churches, organizations and individuals each year, the JAs would not be able to provide this Christmas cheer to families in need.”