‘Snow’ much fun — Children of all ages enjoy the wintry weather all across Lincoln County

Published 10:38 pm Friday, December 8, 2017

Surrounded by females in the Coley home, Shane Coley didn’t have a chance to build a snowman Friday.

His daughters quickly ripped off the camo cap Dad placed on top of the mounded snow person and proclaimed her to be Frostina the snow woman.

For the youngest, it was the first time to see the white stuff, which fell in abundance Friday morning at their Loyd Star home. Mom Kim Coley, a secretary at Loyd Star Elementary, woke 3-year-old Brooklyn Claire Coley up at 5:30 a.m. to see the the powdery whiteness blanketing their yard.

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Brooklyn Claire — just like teenagers at Mississippi School of the Arts and in neighborhoods all over Lincoln County — wanted to play. Her sisters, 11-year-old Atleigh Anding and 15-year-old Madisyn King, quickly joined Brooklyn outside for snowball fights. Of course, in between snow battles, they taught her how to make snow angels, too.

Meteorologists said Lincoln County received 4 to 6 inches of snow Friday. Coley said she figures they got at least 5 inches.

That’s a record as far as Coley is concerned, who proclaimed it the most she’d seen fall in her 40 years in Loyd Star.

“It was the fluffiest,” she said. “More like cotton that I can ever remember it being.”

She said the girls were in and out all day, but none enjoyed it as much as Brooklyn Claire.

“Her little eyes just twinkled,” she said. “She kept saying, ‘It’s snowing. It’s snowing.’ We’ve had the best time with her today.”

She said the girls named their snow woman Frostina, since Frosty wouldn’t work.

“Because we have all girls, we could not have a snowman. We had to have a snow woman,” Coley said.

After playing, the family loaded up to look at some of the houses in Brookhaven. She said she was thrilled to see children out in yards playing.

“It was just the sweetest thing,” she said.

Families could be seen throughout Lincoln County building snow people and tossing snowballs.

Keith Cline rough-housed with his children, Nic and Anna Rai in their front yard outside Brookhaven. Their dog Gus got in on the action, but their free-range pig, Loretta, was a no show for snow. She didn’t like the cold, Cline said.

In town, 4-year-old Brooklyne Johnson played in the yard with Shadiamond Harness, 13, Angel Harness, 15, Antonio Griffin, 13, and Desmond Elmore, 11.

It was her first time to see snow that wasn’t on TV.

“It’s white and cold. My hands are still freezing,” she said as she tried to dig mini marshmallows out of a plastic bag without taking off her gloves.

Nearby on East Cherokee Street, 6-year-old Landon Crenshaw tossed snow balls at his dog Dollar, who happily shook the flakes off as they hit him.

At MSA, students worked to control a giant snowball as they rolled it down a hill. The immense size of the ball of snow, which had taken on a gray hue as it picked up leaves, grass and sticks, was difficult for students — Lauren Gardner, Angel Farmer, Luke Townsend and Darby Phillips — to see over.

Eventually gravity gave way to momentum and the massive ball crumbled.

On the front lawn of the school, Sam Holley and Laurel Smith worked to build a much smaller snowman, while classmates plopped into fresh patches of snow to make angels.