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Y’all be careful driving on icy roads

We thought now would be a good time to dust off the old winter driving tips editorial, though we realize Southerners handle icy roads as well as Northerns pronounce “y’all.”

Our problem lies in a lack of experience. We simply don’t have enough practice driving in frozen precipitation to be very good at it. Vehicles careen off highways, get stuck in ditches, hit trees, crash into other vehicles and, in general, create mayhem.

The Mississippi Dept. of Transportation recognizes that and reminds drivers of a few tips for handling winter weather.

Most of the tips are common sense, but it seems common sense is always in short supply when roads get slick.

MDOT’s tips:

• Buckle up.

• Slow down.

• Allow more space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

• Brake early and gently to avoid sliding.

• Use your headlights.

• Avoid cruise control.

• Don’t talk on the phone while driving.

• Stay alert.

• If roads are icy, stay off them.

Hopefully, the snow and ice will soon melt and life will return to normal, but until then give these tips a try.

MDOT also recommends that drivers keep a winter car kit in case of emergencies. That kit should have a windshield scraper, flashlight, jumper cables, first aid kit, blankets, a cellphone charger, water, snacks and emergency reflectors.