Local love story defies time and space

Published 10:15 pm Friday, January 26, 2018

For Amanda and David Jordan, love is indeed a many-splendored thing.

Their individual histories are complicated, and the nature of their relationship has shifted powerfully with the passage of time. But, through all the intricacies of the past, the Jordans have built a surprisingly sturdy bond.

The pair was introduced in 1977 through family, and, 40 years after their first meeting, they married one another. He was the son of her first husband’s oldest brother, and, even though they were only friends, Amanda and David Jordan quickly developed a special rapport.

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“From the get-go, we had a very lighthearted, joking friendship,” she said.

She had three daughters and one son with her first husband, and she now has 11 grandchildren. Her relationship with the father of her children proved turbulent over time, and, after 20 years of marriage, she was forced to make a difficult decision.

“I loved my first husband dearly,” Jordan said. “But, when things started to affect my children, I had to do something.”

So, she got a divorce in the mid-1980s.

In the meantime, David Jordan relocated to Virginia. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, and he moved around a great deal for work. Consequently, he and Amanda Jordan lost touch.

Before long, he got married and had a child. Subsequently, his wife became tragically ill, and, after 27 years together, she passed away. 

“I was very committed to my first wife,” he said.

In 2014 — after roughly 25 years of silence had passed between them — providence brought the Jordans together again. Each became involved in an important piece of family business, and, before long, he gave her a surprise telephone call. When she answered, he laughed.

“That laugh resonated with me,” she said, “And I said to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, a voice from the past.’”

Both of them felt as though God was responsible for their reconnection. They hashed over old times and had a series of heartwarming conversations. But, despite their extreme compatibility, she had no interest in forming a romantic attachment with him.

“I built up a barrier after my second divorce,” she said. “I felt like I had enough to keep me busy, and I’m a very independent person. So, I wasn’t looking for anybody.”

But their friendship quickly blossomed into love, and, before long, they had a serious talk about their future. A long-distance courtship quickly ensued.

Amanda Jordan said their relationship has always been firmly supported by deep spiritual conviction. They each own a copy of the same devotional, and, even though they live a time zone apart, they read it together every morning.

“From the very beginning, faith has been our foundation,” she said. “The reason things have worked out the way they have is due to the fact that we’ve given God control over our relationship.”

They became engaged in December 2016 and were married a year later. He still owns a house in Virginia, and she lives in Lincoln County. But, in time, they hope to call the same place home. In the meantime, they are content with their unique and happy union.

The path to matrimony was a long and disjointed one for Amanda and David Jordan. But they both agree the journey, with all its heartbreak and struggle, was well worth the destination.

“Never give up on love,” he said. “God puts people in your life that you wouldn’t expect. So, never close your heart to anything.”