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We hope justice is served for pet owner

Those of us who love animals will never understand why anyone would purposefully harm or kill dogs, cats and other pets.   

But it happens far too often. Just recently, five hunting dogs were found dead in their pens. Their owner, a Jayess pastor, believes the dogs ate poisoned meat they found on the side of the road.

“Someone had thrown pieces of meat on the side of the road,” Andy May said. “When I got back there, they were eating this stuff. They’d consumed most of it.”

It is possible that the dogs found rancid meat and died from something other than poison. But it is just as possible that someone intentionally killed these dogs.

Since posting about their deaths on Facebook Thursday, May has received more than 1,000 friend requests and the post has received more than 134,000 shares and nearly as many reactions and comments.

“I was not expecting anything of that sort,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed with emotions that people care so much for the animals that we have. It’s also shocking to know that all of the results are coming in with people that are having the same problem — Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky — with people putting poison out to kill their pets and nothing’s being done about it.”

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks is investigating the dogs’ deaths. According to state law, anyone found guilty of poisoning an animal can spend up to three years in prison and face a fine up to $500. That should be sufficient punishment to discourage anyone from killing a dog in this manner, but obviously it is not.

Finding a suspect in a case like this is very difficult, and that is possibly why there is little fear of punishment among those who seek to hurt animals. If these animals were poisoned, we hope those responsible are brought to justice. Catching the suspects would go a long way toward discouraging others from abusing animals.